Musical numbers

Who sings what, and when…

Act One

Scene 1   OVERTURE Orchestra

Scene 2   PROLOGUE Narrator

Scene 3   ANY DREAM WILL DO Joseph, Children

Scene 4   JACOB & SON’S/JOSEPH’S COAT Narrator, Brothers, Wives, Children, Jacob, Joseph

Scene 5   JOSEPH’S DREAMS Narrator, Joseph, Brothers, Wives, Jacob, Children

Scene 6   POOR POOR JOSEPH Narrator, Brothers, Children

Scene 7   ONE MORE ANGEL IN HEAVEN Reuben, Narrator, Brothers, Wives, Jacob, Children

Scene 8   POTIPHAR Children, Narrator, Male Ensemble, Mrs Potiphar, Potiphar, Joseph

Scene 9   CLOSE EVERY DOOR Joseph, Children

Scene 10   GO, GO, GO JOSEPH Narrator, Butler, Baker, Ensemble, Joseph, Guru, Children

Act Two

Scene 11   ENTR’ACTE Children

Scene 12   PHARAOH’S STORY Narrator, Children

Scene 13   POOR, POOR PHARAOH.SONG OF THE KING Narrator, Butler, Pharaoh, Children, Ensemble

Scene 14   PHARAOH’S DREAM EXPLAINED Joseph, Ensemble, Children

Scene 15   STONE THE CROWS Narrator, Pharaoh, Children, Joseph, Female Ensemble

Scene 16   KING OF MY HEART Pharaoh

Scene 17   THOSE CANAAN DAYS Simeon, Jacob, Brothers, Apache Dancers

Scene 18   THE BROTHERS CAME TO EGYPT/GROVEL, GROVEL Narrator, Brothers, Joseph, Female Ensemble, Children

Scene 19   WHO’S THE THIEF? Joseph, Brothers, Female Ensemble, Children

Scene 20   BENJAMIN CALYPSO Judah, Brothers, Female Ensemble, Children

Scene 21   JOSEPH ALL THE TIME Narrator, Joseph, Children, Brothers, Female Ensemble

Scene 22   JACOB IN EGYPT Narrator, Jacob, Children, Ensemble

Scene 23   ANY DREAM WILL DO Joseph, Narrator, Ensemble, Jacob, Children

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat
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